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Bogus Callers

An Garda Síochána


Unfortunately, everyone can receive visits form bogus callers and our older persons are frequently targeted by them.

Bogus callers will say anything to get into your home or onto your property.

“There’s been an accident, can I call an ambulance?”
“I’ve broken down, can I use your phone?”
“I’ve had a fall, could I have a glass of water”
“I’m from the council, there’s a burst main, I need to turn off your supply”

Occasionally we see them telling people they are members of An Garda Síochána that are investigating counterfeit money. They then steal peoples money.

Some will keep you talking at the front door while their accomplice sneaks in the back door. In all cases you need to be wary of strangers calling to your home.

They will be offering services such as powerwashing, painting, selling goods etc.

Take precautions –
• Do not open the door to anyone before you’ve checked who it is and what they want. Use your door viewer and chain/limiter.
• Check identification, where appropriate.
• Do not leave strangers unattended at your doorstep.
• Ensure your back door is locked when you answer a call at the front door.
•keep gates to yards closed.

We advise and encourage people not to engage with such callers. Don’t open your door to anyone before you have checked who it is and what they want. They can be intimidating and refuse to take no for an answer. We ask you to be vigilant when out and about and report suspicious persons/vehicles to us immediately. Please pass this advice on to those in our community that may not follow our page.



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