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Living Well Expo

Laois Age-Friendly

Members of the HSE Social Work in Primary Care team are attending our Living Well Expo

Social Workers are core team members of HSE Primary Care Multidisciplinary teams.

Social Work in Primary Care is a consent led community based service, providing social assessments of the needs of service users, their families and communities.

Social Workers in Primary Care aim to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of the local population as part of community base multidisciplinary teams.

Social Workers in Primary Care provide short-term interventions to individuals, families and communities placing the person at the centre of all interventions.

A Social Worker in Primary Care can, with your consent, support you by offering emotional, practical and social support.

Your Social Worker aims to assist you in finding the best possible outcomes to concerns that may be impacting on your health and quality of life.

Your Social Worker can ensure that your voice is heard and understood when it comes to your health and social needs.

Social Work in Primary care has an open referral pathway. Any individual, service or professional can refer.

Social Workers in Primary Care are based in your local Primary Care Centre and can be contacted there.

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