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Portlaoise Library Event

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During the tumultous upheavals of the 1913 to 1923 period, just reporting the news could be a dangerous business!

A series of radical political changes – the 1913 Lockout, WW1, the 1916 Rising, the War of Independence, the birth of the Irish Free State and the Civil War – presented acute challenges for newspapers, with nationalist owned publications being closely vetted and risking closure. Meanwhile, unionist papers risked attack from angry Sinn Feiners, because of their perceived anti-nationalist bias in reporting and coverage of the grim events of the Civil War.

Portlaoise Library’s forthcoming talk from local historian Teddy Fennelly’s will explore the difficulties faced by the Press, particularly the local Press, and how they managed to weave their way through them, during this decade of turmoil and great change.

Taking place on Wed. 30th Nov at 7-30, booking is strongly advised as places are limited.

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