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Baby Massage class with Aurora Health, Bump & Baby

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Join our Baby Massage class with Aurora Health, Bump & Baby on Thursday, 13th October at 11am in Tullamore Library.

Please book ahead as spaces are limited!

Contact Tullamore Library on 057 934 6832 or tullamorelibrary@offalycoco.ie

Baby Massage is a baby-led class is a wonderful experience that you can share with your baby. The class offers you the time and space to be with your baby, and can help you both adjust to your new life together. It teaches you the ancient art of baby massage and offers you and your baby many benefits, both emotional and physical, while meeting other parents and their little ones.

In this class, you will:
1. Be in a calm, safe and supportive environment to spend time and bond with your baby.
2. Meet other parents in a similar position – the class comes with tea and conversations!
3. Learn all about the benefits of baby massage for you and your baby. Did you know baby massage can help your baby sleep better and cry less? It also promotes feelings of love, safety, security and attachment.
4. Learn how to massage your baby now, and how to adapt the massage for your growing baby.
5. Learn new ways of managing things such as colic, wind and constipation

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