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Community Employment Job Vacancy

Mullingar Social and Cultural Organisation

Mullingar Social & Cultural Organisation

Community Employment Vacancy
This is a developmental opportunity, no experience necessary.
Accredited training will be provided to support your career.

Location: Mullingar Town Band, Band Hall, Business Park, Mullingar.

Employer: MSCO Ltd, c/o Mullingar Shamrocks GAA Club, Springfield, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

Job Description:- Duties include but not limited to:
• Upkeep of the Bandhall facility – ensuring the Bandhall is always presentable for the next user.
• Washing floors, cleaning toilets, emptying bins, cleaning kitchenette, cleaning and maintaining the garage.
• Responsible for overseeing the upkeep of electrics, fire safety, boilers & general workings and safety of the building.
• Upkeep of grounds – drains, gathering leaves, & some pitch marking.

Other responsibilities include and not limited to:
• Tidying music Setting up and tearing down for activities and events
• Carrying out minor repairs
• Responsible for accepting deliveries and opening/closing for hall activities.

Hours: Flexibility Required – includes some mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends.

You will be required to work 19½ hours per week.
This is a very suitable position for anyone who likes to have a varied work experience and who is willing to progress their working career and training.
How to apply:
Application is made through your local Intreo Office, Mullingar Intreo Centre
Address: Blackhall Street, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, N91 FY07
Website: www.gov.ie/intreo

Email: mullingarast@welfare.ie
Phone number: 044 9350900
Quote: CE Scheme MSCO LIMITED Ref: #CES-2242504

JobsIreland link please click here: https://jobsireland.ie/en-US/job-Details?id=2242504

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