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The Hill of Uisneach

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The Mythological Centre of Ireland, this ancient ceremonial site is one of the most sacred and historical sanctuaries in the world.  The burial site of the Earth Goddess Ériu, the founder of Ireland and the Sun God Lugh, this enigmatic hill became the seat of the High Kings of Ireland and the meeting point of the ancient provinces where laws were struck and divisions agreed.

The ‘Catstone’, a huge weathered limestone boulder under which Ériu is buried, is the most famous of over forty surviving features on the hilltop.

On Uisneach the first Great Fire of Ireland was lit to announce the dawn of summer and these ‘Bealtaine Fires’ and Druid Ceremonies are now celebrated with an annual festival in May.  Passionate local tour guides at Uisneach will take you on a fascinating journey into the spiritual past of ancient Ireland.

Website: uisneach.ie

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Email: tours@uisneach.ie

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